why become a concierge physician?

I suppose the notion of a change in my practice model has been coming for some time now. As government constraints become more onerous, the physician feels as if he is working on an assembly line. That he is nothing more than that of his production and his output in terms of the number of patients seen/treated. The insurance companies dictate reimbursements for doctors and virtually all of the ancillary services that go along with the practice of medicine. This has become a reality to many physicians and changed the face of medicine to a new standard. However, I believe we must and can do a better service for our patients.

Therefore, to that end, I am simply going Back to the way medicine was practiced for decades, before corporate medicine and big pharma. Back to one physician taking care of the majority of a patient's problems and seeking referrals as necessary. Back to a time when a patient could call and actually speak to the doctor and the doctor was very familiar with each of his patients. Back to a time when a same day or next day appointment could be arranged. Back to a time when the doctor was an advocate for the whole patient.

I am currently in the process of transitioning to this type of practice and I am more excited now than when I first started my career in medicine. If you would like to be one of a limited number of patients to partner with me for better health, I believe we can make a difference.