What to expect

For a yearly fee (which covers the cost of your comprehensive exam) you can become a Peak Partner. As a Peak Partner you can expect:

  • ENHANCED COMMUNICATION with Dr. Gordon, your healthcare advocate. He will be available for you.
  • A comprehensive ANNUAL EXAM (including a lab analysis, EKG, lung function evaluation, and vision/hearing testing).
  • MORE FOCUS on preventative care.
  • UNLIMITED sick and wellness visits for an additional flat fee or filed with insurance as desired by the patient.
  • PREFERRED SCHEDULING for  office visits.
  • LITTLE or NO WAITING for appointments.

We are not

We are not an insurance company and not a substitute for health insurance.  Indeed, we encourage all of our patients to maintain insurance coverage for other occurrences as our fee will not cover emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, major diagnostic testing, or consultations with other specialists. Our fee is not reimbursed by private health insurance or Medicare.